welcome to bliss's trash&treasure,I made this site in hopes to have a unity of ppl who can give and share their old instruments,stories,pics and pass the torch of music and not negativity to the kids who can't afford an instrument or wan't one.even a little $1 maraca @ guitar center,that could change a kids life this site has a discussion board with q & a,pass this on to musicians,poets,basically anyone into the arts and entertainment.,I have an open mind with tons of ideas and this site can be a social spot to do these things,network w/other musicians and more,i'm always open to ideas...yea there are sites n pages i guess similar,but its something i felt i always wanted to do..... thanx AGBlIsS of bliss's trash&treasure.....

    you can also join us on facebook @ .....I never learned any traditional way of playing certain drums, so this is a hybrid of [i don't know] jams on drumkit/percussion add-ons,to bongo,things ive seen a few times or played a few times,not much if any experience behind it....just the LOVE OF THE DRUM~AGBLISS

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